About Us

Hampton Boutique is your source for premium quality, artisan crafted and distinctly designed areas rugs. We partner with industry leading manufacturers and weavers across the world to produce sustainable and ethically sourced materials that satisfy the most discerning clients. 

Explore hundreds of area rugs that have been meticulously curated to bring joy, sophistication and ambiance to your unique spaces. From 100% pure New Zealand wool rugs to exclusive high-pile collections adopting innovative digital printing technology to create truly inspirational designs. 

For over 40 years our team have been pushing the boundaries of luxury flooring by introducing new concepts, materials and technologies to the United States. Our expertise and far-reaching relationships guarantee the highest quality products at fair prices and unrivaled customer service. We have the experience and capability to create bespoke rugs in any shape, size, color and design that your heart desires. If you don't find a product you love within one of our collections, get in touch with the team and we will begin working on your custom rug today.